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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

As Proposals Go ...

I always talk about how my husband proposed. At least that is what we think he did. He didn't come right out and ask me to marry him. No. That would have been clear and memorable. He kind of backed into it. And we can't exactly say what he said. Then I forgot to say yes. I guess he didn't catch on from my hugging and kissing him?

So, it must run in my family because this is how my great-great-great grandfather proposed to his third wife (I am descended from his first.)

Mrs Catherine Chinn, the last wife of the deceased, was a remarkable woman. It has been said of her that she was thirty years a maid, thirty years a wife, and thirty years a widow, when at the age of ninety she committed her remaining life's span into the keeping of her aged wooer. His proposal of marriage was in the form of a letter, in which he said that if her answer was to be favorable she must keep the letter. Getting no other reply but the silent acceptance, he called. She met him with "Dr. Chinn I received your letter and have kept it." So they were married and it was a grand church ceremonial. The bride wore white satin with a veil, little children walked before them, none but aged people were shown to the choice seats, and the city was all alive with the event. The pair took a bridal trip to relatives in Missouri, then settled down in Lexington where they spent their twelve years of married life.

Sounds kind of romantic to me? Actually my own DH put his proposal in writing afterwards, so that both parties were clear that he didn't propose to me by accident or ask for a cup of coffee!

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