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Friday, January 13, 2012

What Was I Thinking?

I am about 45 census reports into my project and there have been a couple that leave me scratching my head and muttering "What was I thinking?" Yes, it is the dreaded - who is this family connected to and why did I feel obligated to save the report?

When that happens, I simply move it to my "Needs More Work" folder and move on to the next one, hoping that the marriage records will elicit more information.

Or the census records I've come across and wondered how on earth they were able to index it since even with augmentation, you can't read anything on the page. These most often are from Their indexers have x-ray vision eyes?

It's back to work I go. It's possible I am buried under an avalanche of census reports.

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  1. I have actually thought the same about some of those images! I had one once where the whole page was gone. It looked like it was folded and there were no entries visible. Yet for some reason, the Ancestry index showed my relatives on that page. I went a few pages forward and backward and they were nowhere in sight.

    However, I eventually ended up on where I was able to find the missing page. I think that a few years ago, Ancestry replaced bad images (they say) in some of the censuses, and they might have deleted duplicate pages at the same time. However, I think those duplicate pages were there for a reason!