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Monday, January 9, 2012

In the Works!

Yes, I have started on the "Great Census Project." This was an effort I have made to document mysteriously disappearing family members or even whole families. Once I got started on it, I couldn't stop. This is actually something I've worked on for many, many years. Many years ago, I started adding the census as a fact/event on each person in my genealogy program. Then I went back and started linking the census images to the family members listed on that record.

Good idea? It seemed so at the time. In a frenzy I pulled about 600 pages of census. I got way behind transcribing and linking. Some families started on one page and ended on another page. Some families are mysteriously missing in 1870 in Lafayette county, Missouri. The one I am most concerned about is making sure I have all the info from the 1930 census entered and the images linked before the 1940 census is released and searchable. Some of my families moved so much. For instance, my mother's family in 1930 were all listed as living in one home. It's possible, but my mother spent most of her early years living with an aunt. My grandfather, after 1900, is never in the same home twice. Well, actually, neither grandfather is living in the same home in 1930 as they were in 1920. My paternal grandfather lived in three different states from 1910 to 1930.

So now, under pressure to get these all entered and linked before April. If I don't go crazy first!

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