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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Census Project - Small Chunks

The Census Project - yes you are going to hear about this project ad infinitum until I finish it. I started with about 550 census reports saved as images. I edit them in a photo editor so that only the people I need are on the page. I print them as drafts and then add the census as a fact, and link the image to the family. I've done 71 census reports. So that should bring me down to 479, right? WRONG! Because I added 14 more yesterday. So that leaves me with 493 left to work on. I figured if I link at least 6 every day between now and March 31st, I'll finish. Provided I don't add any more.  I can do that. I usually print them off in lots of 12, so if I can stick to at least 6, with maybe doing 12 if time and other projects allow, its not an insurmountable task!

 An audiobook on my iPod touch helps me get through the tedium of entering all the information.

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