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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Typical Day of Census Data Entry

Yes, it looks a bit repetitive, when I look back on my day. I get up, have breakfast and coffee, lots of coffee, strong and black; When my eyes come into focus, I check email, read blogs and slug down another cup of coffee. Then I open up RootsMagic and look at what I did the previous day, open up the file with all the census and start printing some out for data entry. I do housework, get dressed, work on census for a while. We have lunch out generally, and as DH takes his walk, I head into the craft room and take a look at ongoing projects (last week it was cards) and decide what I need for the next project.

At this point, our day takes one of two directions - either we run errands or we take naps. That depends on the night before. As many other women my age may notice, we don't always get a good night sleep. Generally we run errands. There are always errands. Sometimes these take me to a craft store to pick up stuff on my craft list. Then it is dinner time, post dinner coffee and then back to work on census. A bit of laundry is often done in between census and crafting. There is always laundry to do.

When I work on census, I never know what I am going to find. A single census page can take me into vital records, newspapers or Find-A-Grave. When I am done with census data entry and image linking for the night, I try to work on organizing what I found during the day that may aid in discovering more on a family. It's often akin to opening Pandora's box.

Yesterday's census yielded at least 5 more census for a family. Just a slight variation on the spelling and I met with success. Of course those were pre 1910 census so they had to be entered then. If I don't keep up with them, I'm afraid I'll fall behind. One has to exercise discipline to complete projects like this. Or be totally OCFRD (Obsessive Compulsive Family Research Disorder.)

208 census left and counting!

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