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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1940 Census Sleuth

I have to admit, I am very pleasantly surprised with the NARA site for the 1940 census. It has been relatively simple to locate the Enumeration District numbers using the various tools on their site. And to be able to download the entire ED? Not an issue with my high-speed internet. I chose only those I had either an address for or knew they lived in a small town.

I found a couple surprises.

The biggest one - my great grandmother, Helen Maitland Percival was NOT living at 820 E 41st Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Her sister and niece were though! Found at that address was Mary Maitland Shackelford and her daughter Mary K. She WAS living around the corner at 4104 Harrison street. AND in 1935 she lived in Denver, Colorado! I didn't know that.

The next surprise was that in 1940, the Rankins had recovered enough to pay a live-in nurse. Apparently the nurse was the only one with any income in 1939. The nurse was for their son, James Jr, who dove into the water in Laguna beach in 1934 and broke his neck, paralyzing him for life.

In 1940, my husband's Kruszka grandparents were living next door to Joseph Fryczynski, Leon Kruszka's half-brother. Since the street they lived on in 1930 and 1940 is now part of General Motor's Poletown plant, looking for the address on a current map is useless.

So I used various tools, including converting a 1930 ED to a 1940 ED.  Enough of that. Going to have to start indexing soon!

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