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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I just love surprises. Like finding marriage records you didn't expect or a first husband for someone that you didn't know about. That's what I've been dealing with while working on my marriage record project.

One of the sources for this project is Ohio, County Marriage Records, 1789-1994.  I keep hoping to find some more records, but apparently not up to 1946 yet.

Some of the information given on the marriage records is age at their last birthday - for instance, one person was 28 years on the 9th day of January1906. The marriage date was June 27, 1906. Parents names were given on these records also. If you haven't done Ohio research, you might not know that vital records are kept by the county Probate courts. So I am filling in information that I didn't have and didn't really expect to find in some instances. Unfortunately though, those appear to be 20th century records, most of the 19th century records still only give the information that the groom is 21 years and the bride 18 years. Not that they are exactly that age, but have attained that age.

One interesting record had handwritten in "do not publish ages." Really? Did they lie about their ages to get a marriage license?

Nice surprises all in all!

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