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Monday, April 2, 2012

Who Do You Think You Are? - Rita Wilson

What a change from the previous week's episode with Helen Hunt. I found Rita Wilson's episode heart-breaking.

When I interviewed my parents, my dad told me most of everything he knew. Rita Wilson's father really only told them that he had escaped from a labor camp in Bulgaria.

The shocks she suffered in her discoveries were mind-numbing. Finding out your father had been imprisoned for stealing water bottles? Discovering that your father had been married before and had a son by his first wife. Then learning that both wife and child died and seeing Rita's emotional roller coaster was heart-rending.

I love the episodes when you see the "star" reunited with family members. In her case it was cousins in Greece and her uncle in Bulgaria.

And what a treat for her to see her father's "secret record." I wish all the episodes were that good!

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