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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wedding Wednesday -- Percival & Kirtley

On this day 190 years ago, my great-great-great grandparents, Dr. John Stearns Percival and Sarah Ann Kirtley were married in Burlington, Kentucky. He was 29, and it was his second marriage. She was 13 and it was her first. 

 "    Know all men by these presents that we John S Percival & E F. Vawter are held and firmly Bound unto the commonwealth of Kentucky in the penal sum of fifty pounds  current money to the payment aforesaid will and truly to be made we Bind ourselves our Heirs etc Jointly severally and firmly By these presents sealed & dated this 4 day of April 1822.

    The Condition of this obligation is such that whereas the above Bound Jno S Percival hath this day made application to the clerk of Boone county court for a license to marry Sarah Ann Kirtley which license will be issued immediately after the execution of this Bond. Now if it shall always hereafter appear that there is no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage then this obligation to be void Else to be & remain in full force & virtue.

                John S Percival
                Edmond F Vawter "

Marriage Bond
 "Kentucky Boone County etc. These are to License and permit any legally authorized minister of the gospel to celebrate the rites of matrimony between John S. Percival and Sarah Ann Kirtley agreeably to the ceremony of the society to which you belong, and for so doing this shall be your authority, the said Percival having entered into bond and in other respects complied with the law. Given under my hand as Clerk of the County Court of said County of Boone this 4th of April 1822. Willis Graves Clerk"
Marriage License

  Marriage Record
"I do certify that John S Percival and Sarah Ann Kirtley was joined in the Bonds of Marriage on the 4th of April 1822 by me Christopher Wilson."

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