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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Too-Too Thursday - Too Many Freds, Too Many Louis'

Yes, still working on marriage records.  And I only have 187 left in the queue. But now I am working in Ohio, which means there will be some Percivals, some Kirtleys, a couple Chinns but mostly my maternal German ancestors, Kettlers, Knosts and Meyers!

Well, let me tell you that every other Kettler is named Fred. It's either Ludwig Friedrich or Louis Frederick and on the flip side its Friedrich Ludwig or Frederick Louis. In order to sort through them, you have to look at the age where available, the location and the census. Sometimes they even had similar names for their children. I know the Knosts will confuse me with the Christians, Freds and Gerhards. The Meyers will get me on Heinrich, Anton, and Johann/John.

Sometimes the only way to sort out the family is by searching by the wife's maiden name in my database.

I had the same problem in Massachusetts with the Percivals. Way too many James' and Johns.

I can't believe how much fun I'm having!

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