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Monday, February 18, 2013

Learning Curve - PhotoShop Elements and The GUIDE!

 For years I've used the same Arcsoft photo-editing program. It came with my old Canon lide 30 scanner that I used to take on genealogy research trips. It was really an easy program to use, and though I used it for many years, I can't say I was really knowledgeable about photo touch up.

Enter 2012 and a new laptop with Windows 7. My old scanner was no longer compatible. And it mattered even though I had a Canon all-in-one. I ended up buying one of those cute little Flip-Pal scanners, which really is more powerful than its size.

But I digress a little. With the new laptop came Adobe PhotoShop Elements 9. It is the "consumer" version of Adobe PhotoShop and I hoped it would be adequate for what I needed. Or that I would be adequate to learning the new software.

I've bumbled along for almost a year with it, until I saw a review of  Photo Restoration KwikGuide: A Step-by-Step Guide for Repairing Photographs with Photoshop Elements. No where in the review did it say which version of Elements was necessary, but I took a chance .. and won!

Really, the version used is version 11, and it's not so different than my version 9. Whew. I ran through the first 3 chapters relatively easily and learned some basic stuff.

I've been scanning photos for years and know I have some that are pretty bad: wrinkled, torn, blotchy, faded or dark. I'm hoping to fix some of that stuff. The great thing about this program are the photos you can download and work with to see how the different functions work. That to me, is worth the $17.95 purchase price.

You can buy the book here. I got it from Amazon so I could get it fast.

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