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Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday - Monday: The Weekend Was Successful!

I've been cleaning my office up and reorganizing. I do this two or three times a year, but this year with a special goal in mind, to replace the old desk. As you can see it's a very narrow desk - only 19 inches deep and one small drawer.  Everything overlaps and I hate working in this kind of chaos.

 I saw a desk at Staples - from the Martha Stewart Collection - and loved the shape of it and the fact that it has three drawers. The center drawer can be used for a keyboard, but I needed the drawer space. It was simple to assemble, which I did myself. DH helped me flip it upright and get furniture mover pads under it.

You can see that I have the printer behind me now. The nice thing about a wireless printer!

The desktop is 4-3/4 inches deeper than the old one and has three drawers. It sure is nice to have some place to store my stuff since the desktop storage was getting full!  It also helps that my 3 inch pile of records to transcribe, file, link, etc. has now shrunk to a half inch. 

So what have I been working on? Besides cleaning and organizing? Probate records from Kentucky. I've typed a will for g-g-g-g grandfather William Chinn, g-g-g-g grandmother & grandfather Ann (Bohannon) and Elijah Kirtley probate records and some other miscellaneous probate records. It's a lot easier to work when you aren't surrounded by chaos!

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