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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

That Last Half Inch of Paper

Wow! That last half inch of paper on my desk is going away very slowly. This was the problem pile. I wouldn't be surprised if  this pile hangs around for another year while I try to sort it out. My usual routine is to look at it, research it some more for more clues and then to dig and dig and then put the date last researched on the sheet. Unfortunately, on some of the Kentucky Probate sheets, I neglected to put the Kentucky county where I found them. Duh. And also unfortunately, I can't find them in the index. What's up with that? A check of family search shows that only 12,429 of the 600,000 + records have been indexed. I might have to wait a while. Blah. Not that I am totally against waiting, but I really like to finish projects. And it would be nice NOT to have this pile on my desk anymore.

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