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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Bescher/Basher & Schwarz/Schwartz

You gotta love records that muddy the waters of surnames. Such is the case for today's Wedding Wednesday.

On February 20, 1887 in Lancaster, New York, William Bescher (or Basher as the family was known) and Josephine Schwarz/Schwartz were married. Although the bride and groom were not related by blood, William's father George Bescher was married first to Marianna Zimmeth. Josephine Schwartz's mother was Marianna's sister, Josephine Zimmeth.  So William Basher was a half brother to his wife's cousins. After Marianna Zimmeth died, George married Mary Ann Kunz or Kuhn. William is from this family. It gets a bit confusing!

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