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Friday, February 8, 2013

TGIF - Making Labels

 Since I've been organizing my office, I've discovered multiple uses for the labels that I can print with our old Casio label printer. It sure makes highly readable file folder labels. And I am contemplating buying a 6 mm cartridge to print labels for my piles of CDs in my little cabinet DH bought for me eons ago. It's amazing what you collect over the course of a few many years of research.

The problem is I have one drawer in my desk. It's very shallow and not very good for storing all the office stuff I need to keep in there. I have to pull it out of the desk to find anything. Consequently, everything is stored in containers on the desk, which only has a desktop area of 20 x 48. Most desks are at least 24 x 48. I know I bought it because of the limited space (6 x 10 ft) of my compact office. And the matching printer table and lateral file!

DH and I have been kicking around the idea of a new desk for me and re-arranging my two large file cabinets.  Whether or not this happens depends on coughing up enough boxes to transfer the files so we can move the cabinets!

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