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Friday, July 12, 2013

Freaked Out Friday

We've been having a lot of rain lately. I forget what our yearly total is, somewhere above 30 inches, but we've been getting sudden thunderstorms and stray showers. When one does venture outside, you get hit with heat and humidity that drenches you in 30 seconds.

It's really great weather to stay in and work on ones genealogy. At this point, I am trying to slog through all these records on my desk while contemplating a genealogy software change. I am suffering from analysis paralysis and hate to give up my old RootsMagic. I've used the program since version 1 and its predecessor, Family Origins, which I absolutely loved. RM still has some great features, but no android version (yet) and the iPad/iPod/iPhone version is lame.

I do have all my stuff in Legacy, and therefore have it also in Families, the android version. Families is a more powerful  app than the lame RootsMagic app, and neither have everything I want. I would really love for one of them to have a to-do list that is sorted by repository. That is how I work. I may have mentioned it a few zillion times.

I want to get everything organized and entered and then I will look at Legacy a little harder, especially since version 8.0 will be out soon.

For now? I'll continue to play with what I have and sort through the pros and cons.

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