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Friday, July 19, 2013

The Weather and Other Odd Things

Whether the weather will wither us is the question. It has been quite a week. Playing hooky on Tuesday kept us from utilizing the good, albeit hot, weather to clean out our spa. Wednesday looked like an option, but Older Daughter's cat, Luna, decided to eat her sofa. This necessitated a trip to the vet and emergency surgery for a blockage on Wednesday. Luna is doing fine, but it sure shook us all up. Luna and her sister, Tonks, visited us for about 6 weeks last year and while Tonks really warmed up to us, Luna, the shy one, pretty much kept her distance except when she was really desperate for human interaction. We hope she is on the mend.

So Thursday ended up being clean the spa day. Usually I like to get an early start on it. Especially when it is 90+ degrees. Due to a quick thunderstorm yesterday morning, it was after lunch by the time we got rolling. Believe me, the hour and a half it took to empty and refill and clean everything was something else. DH and I are still recuperating!

Our huntress cat, Mouse, is busy chasing bugs, imaginary and otherwise. And wondering why all bugs don't look like red dots! 

Today is also a special day. It is Younger Daughter's birthday. She is XX years old!  Happy Birthday!

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  1. hadn't thought of that. Missing an I too!

  2. Thanks Momma!! You can share how old I am, I don't care. I accidentally just told someone I was 32. I don't think most women add years onto their age!!