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Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Oddities - Birthday Gals

On July 15, 1831, Penelope Ellen "Ellen" Chinn was born in Fayette county, Kentucky to Dr. Joseph Graves Chinn and Barbara Garland Graves.  Seven years later, on July 15, 1838, they had another daughter, Susan Anna or Susanna Chinn.  After the birth of Dr. and Mrs. Chinn's youngest son, Claudius or Claud, the family moved to Lexington, Missouri. Ellen married Dr. Franklin Cooley and Susanna married Isaac Shelby "Shelby" Kirtley. The children mentioned were just 3 of the eleven children that I can verify. Rumors are there were twelve. My great-great grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Chinn was the eldest of the children of Dr. & Mrs. Chinn.

I always find it interesting when birthdays are close together. I have two sisters with birthdays 4 days apart ( and 17 years.) I share my birthday with a second cousin in Missouri. My mother and I celebrated our birthdays two days apart.

This is just one of the interesting things I find when I research!

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