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Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Moanin' - A Head Start

 I got a head start on today's blog, which I actually started on July 4th. Holidays tend to confuse me.  Thursday seemed like Sunday, so I figured, "What the heck!" and started writing Monday's post a few days ahead of time.

I spent some of soggy Independence day playing with my new Nook HD+ tablet. I am still familiarizing myself with some of its peculiarities. Let's face it, all tablets are peculiar unto themselves! I had tried out my DH's iPad, but quite frankly, hated it. So far, the Nook HD+ is a good fit, and I like using it.

The other thing I started was organizing my desk. I have an absolute ton of work to do and almost no rhyme or reason to how it sat on my desk. Now I can actually see parts of my desktop! At least I have power to do this. With the rain we've had so far this month (4.51 inches as of July 4th) I think we are going to expect some outages. The trees around here are sodden, which usually means trees down. DH and I pray that doesn't happen here.

I guess I have put some of this filing off too long, as I have a huge pile of it waiting for me, as well as some sources to look up.

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