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Friday, July 5, 2013

From My Parents, I Inherited ...

My mother was nearsighted. Dad was farsighted.  I inherited the nearsightedness from mom. Twelve years ago, I chose to do something about it and excitedly underwent Lasik surgery. Here I am 12 years later, still enjoying the benefits of the eye surgery. The only downside is the necessity of wearing readers.

A couple years ago, DH and I went to get our eyes checked. We chose a place that took our existing vision insurance. It was the worst exam I ever underwent in my entire life. And the upshot was, the doctor said I needed glasses. I didn't believe him, and refused to get new glasses. At that time, I was reading with 2.00 strength reading glasses. Ironically, DH got probably the best pair of glasses ever.

A couple weeks ago, DH and I went to get our eyes checked again. After the last experience, I was really reluctant. But, since I am diabetic, thought it best to get them checked. Vindication. The eye doctor said my eyes were fine, she could hardly see the flaps from the lasik surgery, and said it appeared the 2.00 readers were fine. I did opt to get some prescription progressive with transition  lenses so that I could stop swapping out glasses. My old bifocal HD readers are so scratched I can hardly read with them any more.

What did I get from dad? Stubbornness. I knew I wasn't going back to that first eye doctor, who just wanted to get whatever he could out of my insurance. Procrastination. Because I kept putting off finding another eye doctor.

What did you inherit?

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