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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Favorite Project - Missouri Death Certificates

Last week I got a notice from the Missouri Archives Volunteer group that the 1963 death certificates were ready for indexing. Wahoo! I will admit I forgot about them for a couple days. Then the little hamster in my head reminded me, and I signed in and did some. I indexed 400 records in a couple of days, maybe 3 hours or so actual work. It took a lot longer this year for the records to be indexed, because last year it was done in three days. I got the project complete notice this morning!

When I received the notice, there was a brief note also alerting us to the fact that the images were slow to load. They were. Maybe that's why it took twice as long? It is done, however, and the images should be up after President's day. Yay! I already have a short list of names to look for in the index.

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