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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Too-Too Thursday - Off Track and Challenged

My cousin's wife challenges me every so often. I will get an email from her asking what I have on members of her husband's family. What you have to know was that most of my original information on his line came from her.

One of the relatives we were fixating on was Andrew Meyer, my mom's favorite uncle. He was the older brother of my mother's mother, and made an effort to come and visit my mom when she lived with her Aunt Rose and Uncle John Ochsenfeld. I remember her talking fondly of him.

Andy was married twice. His first wife was Blanche Henry who died in 1946. He then married Grace. Still not sure when, but his obit ran all the children together and we became confused as to daughter Mildred. After much research which did not relate in any way to what I was already working on, I discovered Mildred's parentage (Albert Mayford Burkhart and Alma Grace Chenoweth.) I eventually found Grace's headstone on Find-a-Grave, but I am still no closer to her marriage record to Uncle Andy. It's out there, I just have to find it.

Part of the problem was that my mother didn't really keep in touch with Andy's children. Andy died in 1954, and Grace much later in 1980. My cousin's mother didn't keep in touch with them either. I had one letter from one of Andy's sons, Robert, who has since passed.

This is one of my lines that I pull out every so often and work on. In 24 hours I was able to pull a lot of information together. I will keep prodding at it. Some day, it will all fall into place!

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