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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sympathy Saturday - Your Blogger

Sorry, but my regular theme is unavailable for a number of reasons, most immediate being my broken ankle. The boot supports dig into my still swollen limb making walking -even with the aid of a walker extremely painful. Yes, I have a laptop, but the downside of having a larger laptop is that there's no room for the mouse and the touchpad and I do not get along. I am hoping that the swelling and pain recede a little more over the weekend. I have totally missed the great weather  this past week. Too much hassle getting up and down the steps.

On the upside I haven't done any research this week so my pile-o-paper hasn't grown.

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  1. Anne, this too will pass. I know I would be less gracious than you, if such a thing happened to me, but I wanted to give you some encouragement. Next year at this time, it will all be just a not so good memory, and meanwhile, you'll be making some wonderful genealogy finds, I'm sure.