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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Too-Too Thursday - My Dirty Little Secret

I bet that got your attention, eh? It really isn't a secret, but I am addicted to the Winter Olympics.

I used to only watch figure skating. Never ice-dancing. Downhill and slalom. Then there came the Super G. Now there is slope style, half-pipe and snowboardcross. I am so addicted to watching them it is funny.

And who can resist luge, skeleton and bobsled? Or ski jumpers. This year women are competing in the ski jump.

The really surprising part? This year, I've gotten interested in the ice dancers. Mainly because they attend University of Michigan and practice in Canton, Michigan, just a mile or so from where DH and I lived in our first house. Awesome.

And I will admit, I got pissed at Bob Costas calling Putin a peacemaker. Such BS! You think the "Pink-eye" is an accident? And I also forgot to not watch the evening news and had Tuesday's events spoiled for me.

Another week or so, and the 2014 Sochi Olympics will be over, and life and research can get back to normal!

 {Olympic rings graphic courtesy of Photobucket.}

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