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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Too-Too Thursday - What Missed This Week

This was a typical busy week for me, at least it was scheduled that way until I missed the bottom step of the deck. On Monday, I missed my haircut. And sorry, folks, but have been unable to shower yet. Not that I haven't done the daily sponge bath! Ugh. Tuesday I got to visit the orthopedist. That was fun .. not. I came home with this boot that is totally uncomfortable.  Wednesday was spent trying to be comfortable when I walked in said boot with the aid of my old faithful walker. Today? I am missing my pedicure and trying to figure when I can get up and down the steps again to get my haircut! 

And I am hoping in a couple weeks to feel well enough and stable enough to go see "Duck Hunter Shoots Angel" at the Cookeville Performing Arts Center! We shall see.

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