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Friday, March 28, 2014

Freaked Out Friday - Miscellanea

I noted last night that there was some stuff I didn't understand about the to-do items in Legacy 8.0. A quick email to and from Legacy's great help people gave me food for thought. If I can concentrate for longer than 3 minutes I'll go take a look and see.

I am counting down the days until my boot comes off. It's four, I hope. Tuesday I see my doctor and I hope he says I can wear shoes again. It will make therapy easier. Yesterday, I had my first standing session, with a couple walks around the gym. I was told to walk slow. What? I don't walk slow. But I did pretty well. It feels good. 

This week the Tennessee legislature defeated by one vote the proposal to bring daylight savings time permanently to Tennessee. I am so glad. It is confusing enough with Tennessee in two time zones as it is -- East Tennessee is in the Eastern time zone. This was one of the dumber bills I have seen. Personally, I like daylight savings time, but it doesn't matter once winter comes. It still gets dark too early!

Not sure what this weekend will bring, but I hope the weather stays warm. I really hate the cold. Have a good weekend, all.

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