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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Too-Too Thursday - Weather, DST, et al

We're starting to have an upswing on the weather. Yay. At least for about the next week. It can't come too soon, since it has been very cold and icy this winter. And this weekend starts Daylight Savings Time, which I always look forward too. That heralds the start of grilling season, since it will stay light enough at dinner time to grill. I keep looking for signs of Spring. Mouse the cat has seen her signs, since most days she can be found parked in front of the dining room windows chirping like a bird.

The ankle is slowly healing. Looks like the boot and I will be together for 3-4 more weeks. Ugh.  This will probably keep me from attending the annual Home and Garden show in town this weekend. Bummer. Old Daughter will be attending it for the first time. We've looked forward to it since she moved into her house in January. Part of the issue is that the venue is not handicap friendly. Why they built it without any kind of elevator is nuts. It's in a pavilion which is used for livestock shows and to get to the main floor of the exhibit area requires steps. Also, this place has a dirt floor. I just can't imagine trying to walk with a cane around this place since the boot has me so off balance. And, I start P-T tomorrow. As I recall, I will be uncomfortable afterwards.

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