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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Too-Too Thursday - Legacy Family Tree

I worked in Legacy Family  Tree a bit the other day,  trying to go over some of the shortcuts I had printed from the help file back in December.  Some of them did not work as I expected.  I sent in a bug report and was basically told I was wrong.  When I bought the new version I also bought the book,  since I was basically new to the program.  I am a little irritated that changes have been made from what was printed.

I have yet to go back into the program and reprint the shortcut pages.  Seems silly that I have to relearn some of the stuff I already learned and the new version is only a few months old.

After that,  I have to figure what went wrong with the Families app import of my updated database onto my nook.  I have to admit I am feeling a bit frustrated.

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