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Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Moanin' - Week Five - Das Boot Woes

I can't believe that it was four weeks ago yesterday that I fell and broke my ankle and sprained all the soft and muscular tissue in my right foot and ankle. While I am doing well in therapy and am rapidly regaining range of motion, the toll on my left hip is awful. Anyone who has spent any time in a cast or "boot"  will understand how awful it is until you find a shoe to wear on that side that is close to putting both legs on an even keel. It had gotten so bad that I can hardly walk around the house and the cane doesn't help much. Finally, dug through all my shoes and found an older Sketcher tennis shoe that helps. Not only was it affecting the left hip, but the left knee and right knee were starting to act up. Saturday night it made it difficult to sleep, so I woke up a bit cranky yesterday.

With the improvement of the ankle, I had hoped to spend a little more time in the office working, but I just couldn't get comfy. Today, it isn't quite so bad, so maybe things are looking up.

I have cousins who were supposed to be heading up to Minster, Ohio on Sunday so that they could haunt the historical museum there. When I looked at Sunday's weather map, I wondered whether they got off okay or not. Nasty weather through Kentucky on the map.

I am counting down the days until I see the orthopedic surgeon - 15. The boot stays on until then.

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