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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

No Wedding Today!

A Percival relative contacted me over the weekend pointing out something that has always puzzled me ... the fact that my ancestress, Mary Bassett nee Rainsford's first husband died in May of 1670. Not much of a big deal until you look at the birth of James Percival, Jr, the son of James Percival and Mary Rainsford born purportedly January 18, 1671, while his parents weren't married until June of 1671. However, in the transcribed records of  Sandwich, Massachusetts, the date is 1678 or 1675 with the last digit marked over with a 1. My Percival relative pointed out the possibility that either James, Jr was really a Bassett or not James, Sr's son. I pointed out the possibility that the record actually says he is James' son, maybe not Mary's. Personally, I am hoping the date is wrong. I hate to think I've been researching the wrong surname all these years. I guess the only definitive test would be for a Bassett descendant and a Percival descendant (from James junior) to have their DNA tested.

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