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Friday, October 8, 2010

How Will We Be Remembered?

Over the last few weeks DH and I have been dealing with his father who has been showing his cantankerous side a lot more. Granted, he fell and broke his hip, and I understand that is painful and difficult for a 91-year-old, but his mental faculties may have contributed to the fall.

I remember both my parents in different aspects. First in their healthy aspect and then in their not so healthy aspect. I think my dad mellowed with illness, my mom didn't deal so well with her incapacity. My mother had been a very active woman, who until the final problem with her back, really enjoyed life. My parents were really enjoying their retirement until then.

Going back another generation, my grandparents were largely "unknowns" to me. I had step-grandmothers instead of grandmothers. My grandfathers were both sort of distant. Although, since transcribing all the letters from my paternal grandfather to my grandmother, I think I have a better idea of what they were like.

Our kids had the benefit of really knowing their grandparents. We lived in close proximity to his parents and my parents. In truth, our parents only lived a few short blocks apart. I am sure my children saw a warmer side to their grandparents than I ever saw with mine.

So what will our kids remember of their mother? That she was silly? That she enjoyed crafting, even more with her children.  That she was a voracious reader and a great researcher? Will they appreciate the care and concern their father gave our finances as well as theirs? Will the appreciate the thought he gave to all our futures? I'm sure they will remember the warm and loving home they grew up in and how much their parents loved for them.

Sadly, there are no letters to leave behind, although there are a few sentimental cards DH and I have exchanged over the years. I hope our daughters will find we left them with many happy experiences.

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  1. Jim and I exchanged a lot of letters from January to March, when I was in East Lansing in 1981, and the summer he was with his grandparents in 82. I kept his. I don't know if he kept mine.