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Friday, October 22, 2010

It Only Took Me Fifteen Years!

Fifteen years ago when I still had a Detroit Freenet account ( I corresponded with a couple Percivals. At the time we exchanged lineages, but still couldn't connect. They could only trace back to their ancestor, Gilbert Percival and he really looked like a brick wall. These two Percivals I corresponded with were David Percival who once worked at Wright-Pat AFB in Dayton, Ohio, and his sister Teresa Huffman. I no longer have current email addresses and am going to try the snail mail address that they had in 1996 when we visited her in Missouri. I really hope they may see this posting and respond.

At any rate, I have ruled out the Gilbert Percifield and Perciful that I found on Ancestry, and found a marriage record to Maria(h) Perry in Indiana in 1864. I found them on the census in 1870 and then unfortunately Gilbert dies and Maria(h) remarries. I DO have a Gilbert Percival in my database, and the 1870 census says he was born in Ohio. So was the Gilbert Percival, son of Olney & Lavina Ford Percival. I feel very confident that this is the fellow. So David, Teresa, if you are out there, I hope you find my blog!

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  1. You've probably thought of this (and done it) but just in case: have you tried searching for David Percival and Theresa Huffman on Facebook or any other of the social media sites?

  2. I did. They're both pretty common names.