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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More on Lieutenant/Captain John S Percival, CSA

Last week I alluded to my ancestor chasing the paymaster for the Missouri CSA troops. Here is a transcription of a letter to his wife, my great-great grandmother, Susan Davidson Percival.

                        Camp      March 2d, 1863

Dear Sue,

     As I have an opportunity I thought I would write you a few lines.  I am well and tonight  (tape marks obscure words)
ever being there before.  I have just advanced from Little Rock where I have been to collect on claims against Missouri. I was disappointed as the paymaster had gone to (again obscured by tape marks) and I could not wait as it cost about from five to six dollars a day for board.  Calico is selling from four to six dollars per yard, boots from forty to seventy  dollars per pair and other things in proportion.  We are looking for General Price to come over here this month to take command in the field if he comes I will have some hopes of  (obscured)   talk of the cavalry coming  (more of the letter is obscured until the close of the letter)  I have no news to write this time.  Give my love to all and kiss the little boys.
     I remain your affectionate husband,
                        Jno. S. P.

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  1. The price gouging during the Civil War was outrageous. I have a letter that mentions trouble tracking down the paymaster too.

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  3. Thanks, Linda. I had one on my blog. I took it off last week. Thanks anway.