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Friday, January 14, 2011

Playing With Speech Recognition Leads to Discovery

Recently I discovered that my Dell laptop computer was capable of speech recognition.  I've had this computer for over two years, and I never knew that it was capable of speech recognition before. 

Now the last thing I really need is something else to play with, but I discovered that it is possible for me to dictate my blogs.  Sometimes, because I don't speak clearly enough, some weird things come out of my mouth.  Learning to correct misspoken words has been quite an adventure. 

I'm not sure that I will continue to use dictation to write my blogs, but it could be quite interesting to see how it works for a while.

One of my tests was to try dictating  some of the letters my grandfather wrote to my Uncle Johnny during World War II. In one I found yet another job that my dad held in 1943 - that of steward's aid for the Detroit & Cleveland Navigation Line. Obviously, their main run was from Detroit to Cleveland. Unfortunately, however, Grandpa never indicated on which ship dad was working.

Of course, this led me to Wikipedia, and you can see their information on the D & C line here.

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