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Monday, January 17, 2011

We Had More in Common Than I Knew

While working on the WWII letters that my grandfather wrote to my uncle, I discovered that we weren't as different as I thought.

My grandfather seemed to spend as much time worrying about his sons as I do my daughters.  And he wasn't afraid to let his sons know that he worried about them.

He even had an anecdotal story about conversing with a 90 year old neighbor and conveying to her his worry for his sons.  The neighbor lady told Grandpa that she was worried about her boy, too.  Forgetting that he was speaking with an elderly lady, Grandpa asked the woman how old her son was. His neighbor told him that her "boy" was 70 years old.  So you see, it never ends. 

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  1. HaHa...I guess we never stop worrying about our kids. I always thought 'worrying' was a woman thing though...or maybe it's that women tend to let their worry show.

  2. Well, both of his sons were in the military, so he had more to worry about than we do.

  3. Mary: The letter was written in 1943, one son in the army and one son would enlist in the navy that year. Also he was a widower, so he also filled the role of worrier.