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Monday, February 14, 2011

Who Do You Think You Are -- Recap

DH and I were watching episode 2 of WDYTYA? on Friday evening, and when Kathleen Brandt came on, I reminded DH that Kathleen had left some kind comments on my blog from time to time. I was NOT prepared for the name Chrisman to come out though. I told DH then that there was a chance that Tim McGraw and I shared a common ancestor in Jost Hite. Bingo, I was right. So obviously, for me, that was a great show. I still wish they didn't make it look like these documents sprang up out of thin air though!

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  1. Us, and probably another 10,000 folks, eh?

  2. Thought the Jost Hite portion of the show was very interesting. I would have been so excited to see the story of one of my ancestors portrayed on TV.

    That was the first episode I've seen of WDYTYA and it made me wonder how many disappointed new researchers are going into a library and finding that the librarian isn't greeting them with a parcel of fabulous documents.


  3. Unmitigated: One of my friends is related to him even closer through the Isaac Chrisman they mentioned.

    Palms: I was blown away. You always hope someone in your line will be connected to someone famous.

  4. LOL...I have to laugh. Those articles just appeared on my desk...poof, and there they were from Ella to Issac (my part). I'm so glad you found the episode useful. And so much is said of Isaac and his sons!