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Friday, October 19, 2012

Silly Friday

DH and I ate at a local deli the other day, and as usual with left overs, we took them home, marking the containers with our initials, A, B & C. Oh yeah, the C was for left over chips. On the way home, I mentioned maybe we should have continued with the alphabet for naming our kids. Older daughter could have been Charlotte or Celine, Younger daughter Dinah or Debbie! Then DH reminded me of our "twin names" just in case we ever had twin girls. They would have been named after hubby's favorite Star Wars character, Darth Vader. The names he and my mom came up with? Dartha Vartha and Vartha Dartha. If they read this, I hope they appreciate the names we did give them!

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  1. I do, indeed, appreciate my name and not being named Dartha.

  2. Do you remember Jeffrey callling him Barth? Then claiming that Darth was his middle name...Barth Darth Vader.