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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thriller Thursday - Herbert Davidson Percival - Mystery Solved?

From the Los Angeles Times, October 16, 1901:

"Monrovia Brevities

Inquiry has been made here as to the whereabouts of Dr. Herbert D. Percival, who practiced medicine in Monrovia for some time, and left here October 8, 1894. Dr. Percival had a good practice, but dropped out of sight one day, leaving his family to their own resources. He has never returned. He is reported to have located in a mining town in the northern part of the State, and afterward to have gone to Honolulu. Since that time he is reported to have died. A property of value has been left him in Kentucky, and parties are trying to find him. It is believed his family still resides in Los Angeles."

So, it appears my gut feeling was correct and that Herbert did desert his wife. I don't know if that 1894 date is valid or not, but it sure is specific. 

 I have clues here and will have to follow up on them. Honolulu, eh?

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  1. Nothing beats the thrill of the hunt... and the search continues.