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Friday, May 10, 2013

Help! I'm Thinking About ...

What won't get accomplished inside if it is nice out this weekend and what won't get accomplished outside if it rains.

Right now, the forecast calls for rain. That could mean I could start tackling these stacks of paper on my desk.

A good part of today was spent searching for a binder my DH misplaced. His binder. Nothing that important, but he had it in his hands yesterday and today it is MIA. I can't find it either. Usually, that helps. This evening, Older Daughter came over, had dinner with us and she too, searched for the binder. I've now tagged it that d@*&!!!! elusive binder.

Does anyone else remember when was adding new databases nearly every day. Now we are lucky to get two or 3 a week. And they aren't always "new," either.  Sometimes they are updates and sometimes they take stuff of the web. Like Find-a-Grave, for instance. Why is that necessary?

I think I'm better off thinking about the stacks on my desk.

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  1. Something like Find-A-Grave is useful in that it has the 'automatic' merging into your record. Makes it somewhat easier to bring in the data (especially source citations). However, yeah, it isn't that hard to type in either :)