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Friday, August 23, 2013

Freaked Out Friday - Getting a Move On!

From the looks of our house, you'd think we were packing up and moving. In reality, we are doing a little rearranging and soon enough things will be put right. I'm calling it an upgrade.

Speaking of upgrades, there was an update to my Families app, that I am not particularly happy with. It's messed up the display on the family screen so that you can't read names or vital information on people. Grrr. I've commented on the troubleshooting forum, so hoping I can get a clue about this. Just what I need before a research trip. I did finally find on the forum, how to find out the "name" of my microSd card according to my tablet. And I finally got that family tree where I want it and where it isn't eating up space in the internal memory!

And speaking of research trips, the lists are going slowly. I haven't even double-checked my cemetery list against Find-a-Grave recently. I try to keep it current. Every so often, I knock a few people off my Lexington (KY) Cemetery to-do list!

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  1. Update: the Families app was fixed by the time I woke up. Great job.