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Friday, April 23, 2010

Where Did They Go?

Every so often you stumble across a little gem, like this one: 

Now, as far as I know, the only children Capt. Mad Jack Percival and his wife adopted were the Lawrence children, his sister Anna Percival Lawrence's children. I do have a Mariah Lawrence and this could be her. Having a hard time proving it, because this is the only mention I have of this couple, no census or anything else.

Oh the joys of genealogical research.

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  1. So, what level of verification is necessary to satisfy a serious genealogist? Because, as an amateur, I would look at that and assume they had just spelled her name wrong, then be on my merry way. Aren't I nice, giving you a post topic? You're welcome.

  2. Because there is a headstone in Sandwich, Massachusetts with this information:
    In Memory of
    who died
    in her youth.

    And then this note attached.
    Maria died November 2, 1844 at age 22 years. She was the daughter of William & Anna Lawrence and niece of Capt. "Mad" Jack Percival. She was the namesake of Mad Jack's wife Maria Pinkerton. Photo and genealogical information supplied by Caryn VanBuskirk Bowles July 2006.

    So it is possible that the marriage I found belongs to another niece/adopted daughter.