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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Keep Looking, Part Two

I've added the Massachusetts 1855 and 1865 State Census to one of those places I will automatically check for Massachusetts residents, and finding the 1855 for the William Allen Thayer family sent me back to the 1850 to search for this family yet again. Well I did find Allen Thayer and his wife Cornista and their children, Helen and William living in Hampshire county. Okay, so I didn't find them before because a) William is now Allen and b) Cornista? Interestingly enough I find Jerusha Percavil (their spelling not mine) living with them. Jerusha was a younger sister of Calista Percival Thayer. So now I have them in 1850, finally.

On the 1855 census, the Thayer family can be found with the addition of children Mary & George. Jerusha Percival is still living with them and has added her own little bundle, Eva M. Percival. The Massachusetts Vital Records show that Eva is the daughter of T. O. Morton. Interestingly enough, no illegitimate designation is given this child, but no marriage record is found for Jerusha and T. O., either. And the child is listed as Percival and not Morton in both the birth record and the census.

By 1860, her mother, Jerusha Percival aka as Rusha and Rusia has married Artemus Whitney and in the 1860 census, Eva is enumerated as Whitney. And that is the last I find her. If she has died, no Massachusetts death record has survived, and if she married, I don't know to whom or where.

Another Percival mystery.

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