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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Post Holiday Lethargy

First, let me preface everything with the fact that DH and I are retired. Because we are retired, we lose track of what day it is, so that when a holiday comes along, well, sometimes you forget.

So I am surprised that I am feeling that post holiday lethargy. Maybe it is because Older Daughter moved during the last week. Literally, every day. Today she spent cleaning the old place in preparation for walk-through. She had her much younger (than us) friends help her with the move, and we didn't really have to do anything. Since we moved her stuff here from North Carolina three years ago, that is a real blessing. Also, the steps to her second floor apartment  - both old and new - are killers. The old place had an indoor landing which was darker than anything and the new one has metal see-through steps. I hate heights. So it's a good thing I didn't have to haul boxes up to the new place while worrying about putting my foot through the space between the treads.

DH and I are hoping to get out of town this week for a much needed break. Since we also have a free night coming to us courtesy of Priority Club Rewards and I sure want to use it. Soon. Hoping the weather clears up. My research plan has been ready and waiting for a few weeks now and so have I. If it doesn't happen? I have other things to keep me busy!

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