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Friday, January 7, 2011

OCFRD* Cured?

At first I thought I was cured of my *Obsessive Compulsive Family Research Disorder, then I realized that I was really suffering from OCFRD complicated by Obsessive Compulsive Scrapbook Disorder (OCSD.) Oh dear. I have been torn between de-decorating from the holidays, working on my family research, and putting our family recipes into cookbooks for our two daughters. I am on page 54 of 80 pages of the first book. I think my DH thought I was nuts for cutting paper on my Cricut shortly before he headed off to bed.

As a late Christmas gift to myself, I treated myself to a 50% off subscription to Footnote. I've found some interesting stuff on there, particularly for my great-great grandfather, John S Percival, and his civil war related records. For all of his trying to chase down the paymaster chronicled in one letter to his wife, he was never paid for his service. I've found no evidence that any type of pension was paid to his widow, either. Although, she remarried in 1877. Unfortunately, I guess I didn't have the hang of saving records because none saved properly.


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  1. Love the new look blog, TennLady. I've only afflicted with OCFRD, but the scrapbooking sounds interesting.


  2. Thanks. I needed a change. I like the idea of this page, might just get out my own photos and do a different background.