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Friday, September 2, 2011

Personal Property of Elijah Kirtley, Senior, Deceased

Earlier in the week, you may have seen my post on the settlement of Timothy Percival, my 5th great-grandfather. Timothy was from New England, but settled with his family in the tri-state area of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana and died in Kentucky. Today's post, however, is about another side of my family, the Kirtley side.

Elijah Kirtley was my great-great-great-great grandfather and the father of Sarah Ann Kirtley, who married as her first husband Dr. John Stearns Percival.

Elijah married Ann Bohannon and they had the following children: Elila/Delila/Delia who married John Scott Rucker; Mary or Polly Kirtley who married Allen Withers/Weathers; Joel Kirtley who married Abigail Holton; Sarah Kirtley who married John Percival; Elijah Kirtley, Jr. who may have married Mary Sanford; William Kirtley who married Elizabeth Shelby; Richard Kirtley who married his second cousin, Sallie Ann Kirtley. All but the first daughter, purchase something at the 1835 sale of their father's personal property.

At least that has always been the accepted lineage and names. Further investigation into the final settlement of the estate of Elijah Kirtley upon the death of his wife, shows her name as Delia. Not that I'm 100% sure on that, but since one of her brothers was one of the administrators of the estate, maybe Delia is correct? Certainly finding all the mentioned heirs is important. However, by the time of the final settlement the two not mentioned as heirs are Joel Kirtley and Richard Kirtley. Richard died in 1853 and I'm not sure when Joel died. More digging into these records might be necessary! I have a letter that Sarah Kirtley Percival Webb (her second husband was Lewis Webb, one of the administrators of the estate during the civil war where she asks about her brothers William and Elijah.

There will be more on this line and the Kentucky Wills on the Family Search site, so stay tuned!

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