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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - The Day He Became My DH!

September 28, 1979 is the day I became Mrs. DH. It was a stressful day. First of all, we had the walk-through of our brand new home in Canton, Michigan. Yeah, I know, who does that on their wedding day? But, wait! It gets even more stressful when we go to the closing on our new home.

It went something like this:
  1. Papers are being signed. Closing agent asks for insurance policy. DH-to-be hands him the insurance binder, which was the customary requirement. Closing agent says that is not acceptable. We can close but not get keys until he has the actual policy in his grubby hands. Too bad no one thought to tell us that.
  2. DH-to-be calls insurance agent who works on the East side. We are west-siders. He says he will drive the policy over. He's a gem. He does as he says.
  3. DH-to-be goes back to Title company where we closed and is handed keys with a note on them that the keys were not to be released on word of DH-to-be. But, since Closing agent now has policy, keys can be released.
  4. DH-to-be throws a fit of temper. I have never seen my reasonable soon to be DH angry before. Is this why they tell you not to see each other before the wedding?
  5. We really flout superstition and DH-to-be picks me up and drives me to the church. Do we love living dangerously or what? Little do we know, I've just locked myself out of the house my roommate and I were renting!
  6. We get to church early. Our parents arrive, siblings arrive, EXCEPT my matron of honor my closest younger sister. She and her hubby are late, because hubby misses the turn. 
  7. During the ceremony, when the priest addresses us, he calls DH by the best man's name. We stop everything. In this case I was really marrying whom I considered the best man. 
  8. It was a crazy day. DH and I finally got married, my wedding cake was chocolate with white frosting and what more could you want.
We've had 32 years of crazy, wonderful love, two wonderful daughters. It hasn't been perfect, but he was and always will be my DH!

Happy Anniversary!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! 32 times over.

  2. Thanks. We're looking forward to at least 32 more!

  3. Happy anniversary!

    I love your story about your DH taking you to the church. My DH's only task the day of our wedding was to pick up my brother who was 13 at the time. Sadly, he forgot! I don't remember how my brother got there but he made it somehow!