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Monday, September 13, 2010

One Project Leads to Another

As I scan and transcribe letters, coming across the rare reference to a family member and the even rarer photograph, I've been contemplating adding to my heritage scrapbook. So far I've worked only on the Percival family, scrapbook-wise, but my thoughts have been straying to the Bowman line and how I might incorporate related lines. I certainly lack photos, but information is more plentiful. To be included in the Bowman line are the Webbs, Rankins, and the Rogerses. The Rogers line is problematical since I have very little information about Mary Elizabeth Rogers, daughter of Hugh & Frances Bowman Rogers, other than her marriage to Charles Bowers. I've been trying to keep a list of whom to include with each family, mostly because I have so little on these related lines. I keep reminding myself it is like working on a yearbook layout, but more fun, but some of it is work organizing and for crying out loud, coordinating papers! Stay tunes.

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