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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sympathy Saturday - August Zimmeth

From the Iosco County (Michigan) Herald, July 17, 1925:

AUGUST ZIMMETH.  August Zimmeth of East Tawas died Friday, July 10, cause of death being due to old age and asthma.  He was 86 years old at the time of death. August Zimmeth was born at Lancaster, NY, and has been a resident in Iosco County for 60 years.  Mr and Mrs Zimmeth had eleven children, but only five survive him.  They are Joseph Zimmeth, Mrs G Whiteside of Grand Rapids, Mrs S Whiteside of Detroit and Mrs John Ochsenfeld of Detroit, besides his aged wife. The funeral services were held on Monday from St Joseph Church, Rev E A Brogger officiated, and the remains were laid to rest in the St Joseph Cemetery.
August, Charles & Augusta Zimmeth circa 1896

Two interesting things - first the obituary say five children survive him, but they only name four! The one they missed is the youngest son, Charles (Charlie) who also lived in Detroit. August is my great-grandfather and Charlie is my grandfather.

The picture is of Charlie (center) with his parents. Charlie was born September 1, 1888. August was born May 29, 1839 and was 49 years old when Charlie was born. Augusta Wilhelmina Cleasotte was born October 7, 1849 and was 39 when Charlie was born. He was the youngest of 11 children of August and "Mina" Zimmeth. The surviving 5 children are therefore: Joseph Zimmeth, Josephine "Phene" (Mrs. George) Whiteside, Mary "May" (Mrs. Samuel) Whiteside, Rose (Mrs. John) Ochsenfeld, and Charles.  The children who predeceased August were: Frank Zimmeth (1874-1909); August, Jr (1877-1897); George (1881-1918); and 3 male infants, all named Charles according to my grandpa.  George & Samuel Whiteside were brothers.

The other interesting thing is the date of publication, July 17, 1925, is incidentally the exact day my dad was born. But he was a Percival, not a Zimmeth.

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