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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thriller Thursday - Voting Can Be Dangerous -The Death of A. W. Stanhope*

From the Lexington (Kentucky) Herald, November 7, 1900, p 7

Capt. A. W. Stanhope

Shot and Killed by Deputy Marshall of Midway

November 7, 1900
Shortly after the polls closed in Midway yesterday afternoon a difficulty between A. W. Stanhope and Deputy Town Marshall Woodruff, which had its inception several days back was renewed, with the result that Capt. Stanhope was shot in the bowels and killed. Capt. Stanhope was one of the best known and most popular citizens of Woodford County. He was a Confederate soldier and rose to the rank of captain in that service. He has for several years been in the revenue service having been appointed by Mr. Shelby in 1895. He leaves a widow and seven children. He was a half-brother of Harry, Will and Belfield Stanhope of this county and Mrs. Ed. Bassett of this city. The collection office was notified of the tragedy last night.
Lexington (Kentucky) Herald Nov 15, 1900, p 4.


November 15, 1900

On Grounds of Self Defense --- Marshall George Woodruff's Examining Trial
A warrant charging murder was sworn out on Saturday against Marshall George Woodruff of Midway, who shot and killed Capt. Alfred W. Stanhope on election day, and Woodruff was placed in jail. His examining trial began Tuesday morning and consumed all of Tuesday and yesterday. Mr. Woodruff was represented by Robt. L. Stout and Mr. Lewis A. Nuckols.
County attorney Davis was aided in the prosecution by Hon. Chas. J. Bronston, of Lexington and Mr. Richard Godson. A large number of witnesses testified. The majority stated that Mr. Stanhope opened the difficulty, and the he fired the first shot at Mr. Woodruff. The case was argued yesterday afternoon by Mr. Bronston and Mr. Nuckols. Judge Parrish dismissed the warrant and set Woodruff free.

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