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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Percival & Kruszka

Yesterday, was my 31st wedding anniversary. But since Wedding Wednesday is today, I thought I would be opportunistic and blog about my wedding. First I want to say it was the most spectacular fall day.

Sept 28 1979
DH and I did a lot of things wrong on our wedding day. First, we spent part of the day closing on our new house in Canton. First up was the inspection. That appeared to go well, and DH and I  thought closing would be a breeze. We couldn't have been more wrong. Apparently between the time they called us to tell us what to bring for closing and when we closed they changed the rules. Instead of bringing an insurance binder (a document that verifies that the house is indeed insured), we were told AT CLOSING that wasn't good enough, they needed a copy of the actual policy. DH and closer argued about this the entire time of closing. No, we would not get the keys to the house (even though they had our hefty down payment in hand) until they had that insurance policy. He didn't care that we were getting married that evening and had better things to do.
October 2008

So back to DH's parents' house where he was living between the sale of his home in Brownstown and the closing on our new house in Canton. DH calls the insurance agent whose office is at 13 Mile and Dequindre, the title company where closing took place was at 12 Mile and Northwestern, a distance of 15 miles and Friday afternoon traffic. Our wonderful then agent, Conrad, told us not to worry, he would get that insurance policy over right away, just to concentrate on our wedding.

I'm sure I ate breakfast and lunch that day. Well, maybe. Honestly, I can't remember much except for the horrific tantrum my DH had when he came back to his parents' house with the keys to our house with a nasty note attached by the closer. Now, I have to tell you here that I had never seen my DH angry before. His mother gave him a pillow to throw. At the time I was appalled but now I see that throwing something innocuous like a pillow allowed him to vent without harming anyone or anything. By this time, it was well into the afternoon, so I had my soon-to-be DH drive me back to the house that my roommate and I were renting so that I could prepare myself for our nuptials. I had some trepidation at this point, but was more excited about actually getting married and we had the keys to our house, so onward and all that.

Around 6 pm, the bridegroom picked the bride up at her home, and drove her to the church. I'm serious. It was just a small family wedding, so there was no big deal. We got there early. Big surprise. This after all was the guy who was half an hour early for our first date! Father Finnigan had us sign our marriage certificate, he signed, and then we waited for the rest of the party to get there. My folks, DH's parents, my sisters, my brother and appropriate in-laws, and our best man. Actually we waited for my matron of honor, because her husband got lost. Finally, everyone was in place and the priest started: "Anne and Mark ..." and I waited for him to name the rest of the bridal party, but no, he got DH's name wrong! Stop, I said, his name is Bernard, not Mark. (Really what else can go wrong?) With the names straightened out, The RIGHT man and I were finally legally and irrevocably married.

The reception was a small one and included our best man and his date, the aforementioned family members and my roommate. It proceeded without incident and my sister, Diane surprised us with a chocolate wedding cake.

We spent our wedding night at a local Holiday inn. The next morning, after a leisurely breakfast, we were headed back to my house, when I discovered I had neglected to bring my house keys. And we realized we hadn't checked out of the hotel. DH dropped me at my parents' where I made a quick call to my roommate who was working that day, he drove back and checked us out and then we were back in the car to the bank she worked at and then home to retrieve my keys, then back to the bank where she worked to give her keys back, before heading over to our new home. Somehow we got my double bed with frame to the new house. And I'm not sure why, but we didn't set that bed up in the master bedroom, but in one of the extra bedrooms. Since DH had a queen bed, we knew that would be in our master bedroom.

You know, they say it's bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other the day of the wedding before it actually takes place. I never understood that. However, since our day was a bit on the sucky side, I feel like we got it all out of our system in one fell swoop. Really, if you can survive a day like that, you can survive just about anything. Would I change anything about the day we got married. For sure, that jerk who treated us like crap at closing would have been hung by his thumbs, but I wouldn't change anything else. After all it's such a great story to tell.

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  1. <3
    I love these stories.I'll never get tired of hearing them!

    (Word verification - 'floggen' - as in, what the closer should have been given?)

  2. fun story to retell! glad you finally got 'hitched' to the right guy :)

  3. It is. The scariest part was almost getting married to his best man.

  4. What an amazing story! You're right, you must have gotten all of the things that could go wrong over and done with. And closing companies - a friend's parents just came out on vacation to visit her, but the closing company, which was supposed to have completed everything before they left on vacation, kept phoning them and telling them they had more documents that had to be done and faxed out to them. So they spent a good part of their vacation messing around with stuff that should have already been taken care of.

  5. Congratulations! What a great story to tell about your wedding day. And I thought mine was "entertaining" with the feuding in-laws as some wanted to boycott the family pictures, and the possibility of bird droppings that I thought had landed on my veil!

  6. That's why we kept it small - and I mean small. My sibs & spouses (that's 7 right there back in 1979), my parents, his parents, (he has no sibs)my roommate and his best man and date. Total of 16. We knew we had to do something when my mother-in-law wanted to add people so she could ask the dog groomer her husband.